Having a 100% pot, completely waterproof, is not necessarily a good thing. If you need to transport water then you naturally doesn’t want to leak water everywhere. However, if it involves a potted garden, you want to give your plants well-drained soil.

Waterlogged soil is a surefire way to kill almost all plants. If you don’t give oxygen to the roots, you open the door for many diseases that can infect plants. If you are looking for the grow bags online, then you can click: Fabric Pots & Grow Bags for Higher Yield – Spring Pot.

Plants begin to wilt when the roots rot. This will look like you are dehydrated and you might think they need water. Decaying roots will eliminate the plant’s water supply.

Whatever type of container you choose to use, you must be absolutely sure of one thing: the drain. This will not make a significant difference if you choose a good type of pot if there are no holes for water drainage.

The best type of pot is a good old-fashioned clay pot. Clay pots (also known as terra cotta) are porous. This means allowing air to flow through the pot. In essence, they breathe. This can also be detrimental. Heat from a sunny day will cause water vapor to flow out from the side of the container.

You also have to be careful when planting. The sides of clay pots hold water and will want to absorb all the water they can get the first few times you start watering. It’s best if you soak the pot before starting to plant.