Thatched roof in Thailand not only blends in well with the local flora and surrounding areas, but they are nice looking, functional and highly durable.

The thatched roof building process

With a high standard of workmanship thatched roofs in Thailand, Industry chooses superior quality raw material with the following specification guidelines:

Even the wooden structures are used to create and build a thatched roof in Thailand is of the highest quality and in most cases, they use good quality material. To hire the best-thatched roof company visit

The thatch actually installed in the 180 – 230 mm thick layer on all roof thatching guidelines produced by Thailand.

Each project thatching has its own dedicated project manager from start to finish.

All best hay companies in Thailand offer a guarantee of workmanship. This shows the confidence not only in their work ethic but also their products.

Cost occur for installing thatched roof

The cost of a thatched roof depends entirely on the actual span of the roof that is required. Longer the span of a thatched roof, the higher the cost per square meter. The exact cost of a thatch roof can only be determined from engineered structural drawings.

Never accept a rough estimate as a quote as it can create a payment and billing issue after the work has been completed.

Time Required: The size of the roof structure will determine the time needed to build it, but the thatching trained team of three people working in normal conditions of weather and the building should be able to ply between seven and ten square meters of surface area per day.

Thatched increase the beauty of your house. But consider the above points before hiring a thatched roof service provider for your best experience.