Safe, plentiful water is often taken for granted by the majority of guests, employees, and supervisors in food service-which are ironic when you consider what a very scarce resource it is. In actuality, salt drinking water makes up about 97 percent of all of the water on earth. An additional 2 percent is inaccessible, suspended in distant ice caps and glaciers.

A great deal more than half the single percentage that stays worldwide is now diverted for human use, and the combination of increased population, industrial engineering, and irrigation have pushed people to utilize an unbelievable 35 times more water than our ancestors did only three centuries ago. To know more about water supply types of equipment you can browse the websiteรายละเอียดสินค้า-4975-nipple-galvanized-steel.html.  

In 2003, the United Nations Population Fund estimated that drinking water consumption rates continue to grow at their present rates, people will be using more than 90 percent of all accessible fresh water over 25 years, and 5 billion in the planet’s 7.9 billion people will live in areas where safe water is scarce.

Based towards the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans use almost 100 gallons of drinking water per person every day. Since the 1990s, you have probably noticed the menu or table tents at some eateries reminding guests that they’re going to be given a glass of drinking water only if they request it. After all, for each glass of water on their desk, it requires as many as five gallons to wash, dry, and sanitize it.