With the advent of computers and the Internet, many things that were impossible years ago have become very easy. For example, years ago you could design a shirt only if you were a tailor or tailor. The maximum input you can give is verbal and then you have to leave the rest to the craftsman and pray that the results match your satisfaction.

Today, with an extraordinary tool called a computer; you can not only design your new clothes but also give a ride to existing ones. You really can create various types of computer-generated images and mix and match them to create the design of your dreams.

You can choose to print the text or image you want. After the design is created and completed by you, all you need to do is transfer the image to the shirt by following a few easy steps. In some conditions, you are when in doubt apply brute force and ignorance t-shirt through parabellumdesigns.com/products/when-in-doubt-apply-brute-force-and-ignorance-t-shirt.

“When in Doubt, Apply Brute Force and Ignorance” T-Shirt

One thing you need to buy is a good iron for applique supplies. The choice of this item can actually determine what results will be obtained from your efforts since the actual transfer was made using this kit. Choose the one recommended by a reputable craft shop employee.

Don’t feel that an employee’s recommendation will only be one that will be more expensive and ignore it. Because if you ignore it and buy a cheaper one or buy it at a discount store, chances are you will be very disappointed later.

Cheaper versions of this kit, though available, are not good enough to be used in your creation. You might find that the iron is not good enough to be able to transfer the right image to your shirt and you might end up with a lump of color that doesn’t look like what you originally made.

Other irons might move objects correctly but the heat settings might not be perfect. This will cause your design to peel from the side immediately after printing or after the first washing. Some will cause the image to crack and look bad after the image is transferred.