It is prominent in the Bible as “the Lord’s Table,” a shrine to the victims and gifts offered to God. The word comes from altārium altar Latin, meaning “high,” and also to adhere Latin, which means “to burn ritual or sacrifice,” which shows the initial objectives as described in the Bible. This platform is known […]

The flexible pipe can be characterized by the construction of composite layers of different materials, which enables a large-amplitude deflection without adverse effects on the pipe. This product can be delivered in a continuous length or joined together with connectors.  Stainless steel exhaust flex pipe (Also known as “ท่อไอเสียสแตนเลสท่อดิ้น” in the Thai language) is an […]

Low-Cost Export Pallet – Plastic pallets are approved for use abroad which prohibits wooden pallets due to insect problems. They are a low-priced alternative to fumigated wooden pallets which are expensive, time-consuming, and do not guarantee goods will be accepted. They eliminate expensive delays in customs because of possible rejection of wooden pallets. Plastic Pallets […]